Amargeti Equestrian Club

Are you serious about horse riding and or dog driving or dog  scootering in a fun, Professional and safe environment or are you looking for the best livery stable for your own horse or pony ? Then look no further, we have just started the operations of  an affordable and wonderful equestrian club aimed at providing various riding lessons and riding schemes for all levels and for all ages near by Amargeti and Lemona villages  in Paphos, Cyprus.

In addition, current equine owners can hire a livery stable for either short or long term via various flexible schemes upon request. The site layout has been designed with “Safety” in mind for all users and animals as the highest priority. The facility is located between the villages of Amargeti and Lemona ,  25 Kilometer from the main Paphos to Limasol roundabout.

Livery Stables: we offer various livery schemes. The stables are first class and are identical to the stables of the Club horses. If you wish to put your horse into livery, this can be arranged immediately. We also offer  Paddock services or a combination of both.

Bedding: to avoid any foot or leg injuries, the horses stand on layer of 30 cm thick washed sweet river sand bedding. Underneath the sand bed is a 50 cm thick, gravel bed which guarantees good drainage.

Riding in the summer evenings: during the summer months, to avoid the hot daytime temperatures, lessons can be given in a floodlit arena.

Head Trainer: our head trainer is certified in all aspects of the Equestrian sport. Lessons will be given to all levels from beginner to expert and to all ages.

Hacking: hacking in the area is fantastic and endless as the club is located in the middle of  a rustic valley with gentle slopes and hills and miles of unspoilt trails which offer unique and breathtaking views

Opening hours: November-April from 8 AM to 6 PM, 6 days a  week May-October: from 8 AM to 9 PM, 6 days   a week.


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