Death of Pierre De LusignanThere are two derivations for the name of Lemona. The first is that it was named after the beautiful Joanna l’Aleman. She was the mistress of the French King of Cyprus, Pierre De Lusignan I (1328-1369). Some villagers think that her palace lays buried under the site, and indeed tell tale carved stones have since been discovered.

According to legend, when Pierre went to tour Europe to raise money for a crusade, his jealous wife Eleanor of Aragon (1358 -1382) imprisoned and tortured the pregnant Joanna.

When Pierre returned to Cyprus he released Joanna, and in order to placate him his wife is said to have built a church on a hill overlooking Lemona, carrying every stone without any assistance. The little church is still standing and is one of the landmarks of the area.Eleanor of Aragon's Church

Another legend says that Lemona was originally called Demona (the place of the demons). It is said that the Archangel Michael destroyed the devil and his hosts there with a bolt of lightning and gathered up their bones to make a magic girdle, which he placed in the church adjoining the cottages. The girdle is still in the church and is said to grant a wish to whoever puts it on.

Great walking country

Not far from Lemona is an ancient rock-cut tomb known as the Dragon’s Cave, which, according to local legend, was where St George speared the dragon.

Over the years a number of antiquities have been unearthed by local farmers, including a bronze statue of Apollo now in the Archaeological Museum in Nicosia.

Did St George really kill the Dragon in Lemona?

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