Eco-holidays Lemona, Cyprus

Iconostasis, St Michael’s Church, Lemona

St George's Church

St George’s Church, Lemona

Venetian Bridges

Kefalos Venetian Bridge

The area around Lemona is a rich source of creative inspiration for visitors. The vegetation and rolling hills in this region provide painters and others with a range of beautiful vistas.

Over the centuries, Cyprus has been occupied by many different cultures, and the ruins and monuments in the area reflect this.

Things to see near Lemona include:
  • The deserted villages of Statios and Agios Photios with their picturesque ruins.
  • Old Monasteries such as Agia Moni, originally a nunnery and now the home of orthodox monks.  Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa once the site of a temple to the goddess Hera.
  • The monastery of St Ephraim, recently established by Ephraim the monk following a vision he had in the Sinai desert.
  • The village of Pano Panagia, the birthplace of Archbishop Makarios, the bane of the British during the EOKA uprisings of the 1950s.
  • The village of Choulou, down the road from Lemona, said to be the site of King Piere’s Summer Palace. Choulou is also home to a small mosque.
  • The village of Letymbou with its 7 medieval churches.
  • The village of Fyti, settled by French stonemasons in the fourteenth century.
  • The Venetian Bridges
    Fyti Weaving

    Fyti Weaving

    Horse riding

    Horse riding

    A 300 year old monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary

    Panagia -Monastery of the Golden Virgin, 17th century



  • Panagia Monastery wine cellar

    Wine cellars



    Saint George

    The Sea

    Shipwreck  Edro III

    The Shipwreck




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